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WordPress user roles

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WordPress comes with a built-in user role management system. Whenever a user registers with your site, WordPress assigns them a role that consists of different permissions. This enables you to control precisely what actions users can perform on your website.

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Administrators The most powerful role is that of the administrator. Site admins have the authority to create and delete posts (articles), as well as edit posts (articles) made by other users. They can also install and uninstall plugins and themes.

Most importantly, administrators have the ability to add and remove users and change critical information, like their passwords. Typically, this administrative role is reserved for the owner of the website.

Editors Next in line is the editor role. Editors can create, edit, publish, and delete all posts (posts), including those created by other users. They can also moderate, edit, and delete comments. Unlike site admins, editors don’t have access to your site’s settings, so they cannot perform tasks like installing themes and plugins.

Authors Moving down the hierarchy, authors can write, publish, edit, and delete their own posts (posts). They cannot create categories, but they can choose from existing ones.

Contributors Meanwhile, contributors can create and edit their own posts (articles), but they cannot publish them. They can also create tags and select from existing categories. However, contributors cannot upload any files to WordPress. This limitation can be problematic if they want to add images to their posts (posts).

Subscribers Finally, WordPress includes the subscriber role. Subscribers can log in to your WordPress site, edit their profiles, and change their passwords. However, they can’t perform any other actions on your website, such as writing posts (articles) or viewing the comments in your approval queue. This role is commonly found on sites where visitors can create accounts, such as membership sites, e-commerce stores, and educational websites.


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